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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waiting for the weekend to come by

Manic Tuesday! I don't really like Tuesday, I think "Tuesday" should be erased from the calender! The weather around here is not bad at all, it's pretty dry lately it has not rained in ages, it's not humid but, it's hot enuff to run around in your cute little bikini. Just the other day my oldest son, asked me if he could play outside without his T-shirt on! I opened up the fridge, looking for some cold beverage, I could not find anything but milk and tons of bottle water! It's telling me that we need to go grocery shopping really soon! I gotta make a list, and I planned to BBQ at the beach this weekend and maybe doing little camping like 2 weeks ago, but maybe this time with a little bit of preparation! unlike, the last time, we only had a can of coke and bottles of water, and of course dog food for Miss Sophie! This time we will do it right! Well, I better start supper soon, My Love just called and he is on the way home! I still don't know what to cook for supper! Any suggestions? OR maybe i just make a tray of Chocolate brownie for supper, well skip the dessert! What dessert LOL

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