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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


hey guys! after a long day i’m chillin and watching my guilty pleasure, the housewives of nyc. it’s the season premiere. anyway, found incredible designer zang toi with a beautiful studio so i googled him and found these images and couldn’t help but stop and share:






of course you stumble on wild great things in a search like this. i really just liked this site for the second i saw it just now!

i came across this from maison 21 in the search for the pics and it was a good reason to announce that christian wrote asked me to co-host a challenge this summer. i of course said yes! more details to come on that!


oh and i added noel’s pretty books to the stationery department on my site, today finally getting the hang of being able to do it all myself. she’s the first of the bloggers i’d love to host on it. if you have an idea or product let’s cross promote!



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