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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wishing everyone have a magical weekend

Birthday cake pops! it's too good to be true!I'm in a big trouble now! lol

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion Friday : THE DRESS

Ok, so here it is, The moment everyone's been waiting for. THE DERSS
I personally so In LOVE with her dress! I love the simplicity and yet it looked so elegant! The fact that she did her own make up, it's even more stunning! The girl had so much confident to do so! You go GIRL! 

Kate's second dress:

 And Finally the kiss

Thursday, April 28, 2011

our Easter bunnies

I wish I could saved all of the animals in this world! But for now I would love to Introduced to you guys our new addition! At first we got a Holland lop mixed with Rex, we named him Bon- Bon! he is so cute, but a little shy, I wanted to give him a little friend! During our trip to LA, my hubby surprised me with another bunny that I had been looking on line for the past month or so, way before I got Bon- bon! I was so over the moon when he got me Mochi, She is a Pure bred Holland lop white with blue eyes! she melted my heart the moment i held her! she is so adorable and loves people! here are some pics of her cutenes

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What I wear during my Spring break Vacation!

I wanted to share with you guys what I wore during my spring break vacation! Note that I have 2 boys with me, so I needed to wear something comfortable but yet still looks good! I don't normally wear high heels or wedges but in this trip I guess It wore it almost every single day! Lucky enough I didn't have any back pains like I always do in the past!

Spring Break 2011

I got too meet Alex from Youtube, She is well know as "HRHCOLLECTION" on YouTube channel! She was the very first beauty guru in YouTube I watched! I remembered I watched her very first video which was what's in my purse video, Oddly enough we carried the same exact purse, She also makes some awesome jewelries! Since that day we are remained friends! I'm glad I got to know her and finally met her in person! We got a long very well and still share the same interest in Life! here are some pics that we took during our meet up! ENJOY

Bottega Louis


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Louis chair

This is how I decorated my Louis chair, I put some pretty pillow, is not only makes it look prettier but also add some comfort to it!

My pretty little things

I loving having flowers every where around my house, I prefer the real ones, but my little kitten also obsessed with it! so I can't have the fresh one all the time!

My obsession with black and white and stripes

How I store my pretty Little things

If u can't tell already I like to see everything in my sight, it makes everything easy to find for me especially when i need it "RIGHT NOW" I find that when I store my make up this way, it easier for me to decide what to use that day, same with jewelry I like to store them in pretty little thing!

what's on my bathroom counter?

I try to minimize and decorate my bathroom's counter so it's motivated me when I need to get ready early in the morning! I like somethings are pretty to sit next to my sinks but yet it has everything I need :)