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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I get so attached

to this apartment on rue rameau! it’s been everything i could ever want in an apartment and a home. if you’re ever coming to paris and want to stay in a magnificent 2 bedroom, this has got to be one of the best in the city. and to think i have to leave it in the morning, i’m heartbroken!


well luckily there’s always something to look forward to and i’ll be headed back to st. germain so that should be fun.


waiting for genevieve today (she’s here)! gave me another free day of cruising around. i passed by one of my favorite places, the national archives, aka l’hôtel de soubise.


there was an exhibition on the history of france and it’s also the place where lots of the marie antoinette film was shot so i couldn’t resist a look. as usual, there were nooks and crannies i’d never seen. i’ve been to the apartments of the prince and princess but had never seen this little salon jewel.


i love the details in these rooms! like you could eat the icing right off the cake!


i think that’s my number one fascination with paris apartments, the architectural details. it’s so much fun to live with that sort of eye candy. of course you can bring it home by adding crown moldings and trims to doors and windows.


i tried to take lots of detail shots, cause even a tiny bit adds so much character to a room. these are pretty complicated but you have to have the fanatics go wild and then you can take it down a notch.


i hope you’ll forgive my horrible video skills, i have a flip but have zero talent with it so far. trying to hide it while i shot didn’t help, but i thought you might enjoy a tour.


afterward i stopped at BHV to pick up some things and dropped by the hardware section. just using a few of these pieces can give a room an authentic frenchy feel. it’s so about the doors and window hardware and trim!


these locks are a sure fire way to jazz up a window.


anyway i have to go cause gen wants to go out and we have to pack up for an early am at the flea. i’ll shoot some footage there, hopefully that will be better. and here’s one more for my grafitti lovers! sorry to rush but she’s waiting! xoc


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