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Monday, May 21, 2012

My new Toy!

If you can't tell already I love everything Macintosh, Lately, I decided to purchase a Mac book air! I Love everything about it! It's small and it's light and it's good enough to fit in my bag! One day I was browsing online looking for a perfect case, and I went to Esty one of my favorite site and discovered this "Adorable little thing" it's a Lv Decals! It arrived 2 weeks later and I Love everything about it! here is the link to the store!! here is what I did to my Mac, after I put on the decal I use a clear case on top of it, I wanted my mac book air to be protected! overall I'm very impressed about her work! what do you guys think about it? would you decal yours?! 
Every time I see and use it I feel happy, because of the bright colors :)
Gnajo XOXO

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Accessories

Pretty Little thing for the summer {My WAY}

I'm so excited finally i'm going to use my New Hermes Birkin bag 35 Parchemin/Parchment Beige{ birthday presents", I have been waiting for the right season and moment! since it's spring almost summer time, I thought this bag is very summer appropriate :) 

more of her,....

Hermes Classic Beant Alligator in gold hardware :) {In LOVE}

Chanel quilted bag, Pier one import pic frame

Zara flats 

Target purse surprise surprise,Butter London Trout Pout {In LOVE}

Kate spade bangle, Jcrew, Michael kors watch and cakeforbreakfast bracelet,HRHCOLLECTION necklace 
Steve Madden loafers, zara jacket (recent) Hermes Birkin 35

J crew bracelet,Michael Kors watch and Maemovement bracelets

Hope everyone has a good summer!
xoxo Gnajo

Friday, April 27, 2012

My Home Office!

Home office! I decided to paint the room baby blue color! why? I think the color I chose it's very soothing and comforting! I can spend long hours here, working, reading, entertaining without want to leave the room! 

extra sitting area for entertaining 

My favorite spot to read at night or during the day


LOVE letters from :

White Kartell chair paired it with Mongolian pillow! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hi everyone!

Yes, I'm back!!! I'm so excited to updated my Blog again! I wanted to apologize I have been Mia in the past year or so! This time I'm back for good! I miss blogging! I have a good news, me and my family had been relocating to Nc! We loved it here, the weather is great, the food is awesome and the people here are great! Love the southern hospitality! Thank you to all of my loyal followers that has been with me for the past year or so! Let's get started, shall we?!

We bought our first home together this year, I'm so excited to deocorated every inch of my space with two kids and furry friends deocorating our home is a little challenge for me! I wanted to keep it simple, elegant, chic and vintage at the same time! How I'm gonna do this????!!! we shall see! I have been obsessed with the new Louis Vuitton ad in every fashion magazines out there! they are so pretty to look at! Everything about it is perfect! So, One morning I decided to do something special to them! here is before pic

Then,  decided to frame them :)

Aren't they adorable???!!!