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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Eats!

While visiting Barnes and Noble earlier this week I picked up The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. I admit I was drawn to is candy-shell colored cover, as I am with most books... but was even more impressed with the layout and photos of the recipes inside! [ps. The book is also available on via the link previously mentioned.]

The Hummingbird Bakery is an American bakery based in London and highly sought after! Now, we can bring those delicious baked goods directly into our own homes by choosing from a delectable selection of cupcakes, cakes, pies, brownies/bars, muffins and cookies!!image/1039215751.jpg_gen/derivatives/halfColumn/1039215751.jpg

All images copyright © Ryland Peters & Small

As you flip through the cookbook, each page looks tastier than the previous and you know you'll have a book full of tagged pages when you get done noting each recipe that you want to try... I will attempt to remain diligent to post a new recipe from the book each week... please nudge me if I forget!

Pssst! Have you seen the new Anthropologie website? Swoon!

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