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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm so jealous,.. My Mother getting some CHESTERFIELD sofas for her brand new home!

i heart chesterfield sofas....

My Mother is bussy decorating her beautiful new home and she told me today on the phone she is getting some CHESTERFIELD sofa for her new home!Anyways, here are some perfect examples of the updated chesterfield that i would love to have sitting in my house!! i love them in white with nail head trim and how can you not adore windsor smith's feminine take on it, the chloe sofa?? i am on the hunt for one of these at my local thrift stops (which by the way, i haven't visited in over two weeks...remember i am trying to stop shopping for a while)!
*oh, but don't think i don't love the old ones too; i think that the antique leather one we saw would look divine in a house w/ a great library or man room....unfortunately, we have neither.

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