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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How I miss Ga!

Miss Martina, me and Miss Pinar BFF
Miss Martina and I

Our Beautiful X'mas Tree
Posing with Santa!
Winter time in Tybe Island
Day dreaming in Tybee Island
Savannah was fabulous
Driving on Washington Rd
We officially moved To Ca the end of January 2009. We lived in Beautiful Ga for 2 years! Sure, after 6 months has passing by, I still feel homesick, I miss the beautiful scenery, the southern food, not too mention the sweet tea, the best ever,my good old friends, and most of all I miss the smell of the rain! Where we are living now, it has beautiful weather, the beaches are nice, but it has not been raining in ages! My children seemed to like it here, The oldest one, really enjoy the school here, I think this area has the best School district ever, He has a lot of friends already, Well I will post and share some of the photos that will bring me some of good memories while we were living in Ga.

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