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Monday, May 21, 2012

My new Toy!

If you can't tell already I love everything Macintosh, Lately, I decided to purchase a Mac book air! I Love everything about it! It's small and it's light and it's good enough to fit in my bag! One day I was browsing online looking for a perfect case, and I went to Esty one of my favorite site and discovered this "Adorable little thing" it's a Lv Decals! It arrived 2 weeks later and I Love everything about it! here is the link to the store!! here is what I did to my Mac, after I put on the decal I use a clear case on top of it, I wanted my mac book air to be protected! overall I'm very impressed about her work! what do you guys think about it? would you decal yours?! 
Every time I see and use it I feel happy, because of the bright colors :)
Gnajo XOXO

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